Your legal transactions, simplified.

Legal Transaction Management platform for companies and their counsels.

Data room – Project Management – Digital signature – Archives

Collaboration between teams facilitated. Transactions secured thanks to digital signature. Cumbersome tasks automated.

Why you need Closd

Manage your transactions from end to end

Designed by lawyers, Closd follows you throughout your operations: data room, exchange of versions, checklists, closing and bibles.

The best way to collaborate with your clients and partners

An efficient platform that will delight your interlocutors. A true competitive advantage for your firm.

Simple and intuitive

Easy to use, no installation required. Our team is by your side to train you and answer all your questions.

Confidential and secure

Compliant with the best practices, Closd allows you to share information confidentially and ensures maximum security for your transactions.





Among our clients

Boost your productivity by digitalizing your deals

Closd makes documents exchange and project management easier and faster with automated checklists. Focus on what matters: your expertise.

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Mobility and security thanks to digital signature

Stop printing: automate all your signings and closings, on premises or remotely. Retrieve all the original copies and archives anywhere, anytime.

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Our experts by your side

Our team assists you at each step of your projects and helps you day after day to optimize your experience on Closd. You can rely on us!

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Don't miss out on the essential legal project management solution