A team of former lawyers engaged for digital transformation in the legal industry

Nathaniel Merino

Managing Director

Former attorney at the Paris Bar, Nathaniel is specialized is financial regulation and capital markets law thanks to his experiences in business law firms.

Grégoire Debit


Former attorney of the Paris Bar, Grégoire worked for several corporate law firms. He is specialized in private equity and mergers and acquisitions.

Bruno Thomas


After graduating as an IT engineer specialized in Web development, Bruno worked several years in London as a money markets trader before co-founding Closd.

Closd founders started the project with a simple vision: changing the outdated practices of law practitioners to make legal transactions simpler, safer and more efficient.

Built by former lawyers, Closd eliminates the obstacles and constraints of the traditional transactional process. Our solution offers a new experience to law practitioners and their clients, and contributes to the evolution of practices towards greater security.

We do believe that digital transformation of law should support professionals and facilitate their work, not replace them.