closd allemand german
Closd in now available in German

We are happy to announce that Closd, which is already available in French and English, is now also available in German!

efficient checklist closd
6 tips for creating an optimized and efficient checklist

The checklist is a central part of any legal transaction. Today, legal transaction management platforms like Closd digitalize the checklist and its challenging processs, making it streamlined and efficient.

gregoire debit closd how does closd work
[VIDEO] How does the Closd platform work?

Grégoire Débit, co-founder and CEO of Closd, tells us about the main struggles he encountered as an attorney that led to the creation of the platform, as well as its main features.

bruno thomas cto security closd
[VIDEO] Security and privacy at Closd

Bruno Thomas, co-founder and CTO, answers in video: "The privacy and security of our customers' data is the priority".


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