Interview with our CEO Grégoire Debit in Décideurs Juridiques magazine

The Covid-19 crisis is accelerating digitalization for legal professionals. Grégoire Debit, co-founder of the legaltech company Closd - which allows deals to be carried out remotely - explains how some tasks can be simplified and automated in complete safety.

Coronavirus, or the crowning achievement of legal tech

This article was published in Lettre des Juristes d'Affaires (LJA) on September 28, 2020.

Why legal transaction management is essential for lawyers

Carrying out transactions is mired in inefficiencies from end to end, but many of the pitfalls in the legal transaction process can be avoided. Legal transaction management software aims to mitigate these issues through automation, adding tremendous value to law firms.

Client testimonial: Desfilis Avocats

Alexandre Brossier, an attorney at Desfilis Avocats law firm, tells us about his experience with Closd, particularly in managing a case involving 200 people that was carried out exclusively on Closd.

Interview with our CEO Grégoire Debit in Décideurs Juridiques magazine

The startup Closd, which enables transactions to be carried out remotely, has thrived in the last few months. Its CEO, Grégoire Debit, offers an optimistic view of the French legal tech market for both domestic and foreign legal actors.

Client Testimonial: Archers

Emily Pabot du Chatelard, a partner in the Corporate and Private Equity practice at the firm Archers, gives us her feedback on how Closd has helped her manage transactions, and the difference Closd has made in the way her team works.

Closd raises 600,000 € to accelerate its development

Paris-based legaltech company Closd raised 600,000 € from business angels in the legal and tech sectors; it will offer its services for free until the end of April to help law firms and companies get through the crisis.

Expert Opinion: Guillaume Giuliani (Desfilis)

Guillaume Giuliani specializes in cross-border M&A, joint ventures and private equity transactions, and joined Desfilis as a partner in 2013 after having worked in the M&A department of French firm Bredin Prat.

Expert Opinion: Eric Kopelman (Ambre Associés)

Eric Kopelman is a partner at the law firm Ambre Associés, and specializes in private equity and M&A. He also worked at the firm Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.

What tools do tomorrow’s lawyers need?

Legal tech companies started cropping up in the early 2010s, and legal tech soon grew into a sustainable and undoubtedly irreversible trend. With an increasingly large supply, how does one choose the service(s) that best meets their needs? Moreover, what needs are we talking about?


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