Closd raises 600,000 € to accelerate its development

Paris-based legaltech company Closd raised 600,000 € from business angels in the legal and tech sectors; it will offer its services for free until the end of April to help law firms and companies get through the crisis.

Expert Opinion: Guillaume Giuliani (Desfilis)

Guillaume Giuliani specializes in cross-border M&A, joint ventures and private equity transactions, and joined Desfilis as a partner in 2013 after having worked in the M&A department of French firm Bredin Prat.

Expert Opinion: Eric Kopelman (Ambre Associés)

Eric Kopelman is a partner at the law firm Ambre Associés, and specializes in private equity and M&A. He also worked at the firm Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.

What tools do tomorrow’s lawyers need?

Legal tech companies started cropping up in the early 2010s, and legal tech soon grew into a sustainable and undoubtedly irreversible trend. With an increasingly large supply, how does one choose the service(s) that best meets their needs? Moreover, what needs are we talking about?

How to run a successful electronic signature session

Electronic signature has many advantages, among which are the mobility of the signatories and the legal certainty of the transaction. This article explains how to successfully complete your digital closing in a few steps.

Expert Opinion: François-Régis Fabre-Falret (LPA-CGR)

A partner and member of the Executive Committee at the firm LPA-CGR, François-Régis Fabre-Falret’s practice centers on complex real estate investment deals for French and foreign clients. He attests to the efficiency that Closd has brought his practice.

Expert Opinion: Emmanuel Scialom (Frieh Associés)

A specialist in private equity and M&A with over 20 years of experience, Emmanuel Scialom is a partner at Frieh Associés. He describes the benefits Closd has brought his team and his clients.

Legal firms: How to protect your clients’ data using the Cloud

It is essential for all trusted third parties, such as lawyers and counsels, to take into account IT risks in their practices. According to studies, it is only a matter of time before Cloud-based technologies become mainstream in the legal community.

How to switch from physical closing to e-closing

Anyone who works or has worked in a corporate law firm, an investment fund or an investment bank know what a "closing" involves: piles of documents to sign, carefully prepared by exhausted lawyers, large amount of money transferred from one bank account to another, and once it is all done, a glass of champagne to


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