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10 tips to set up your data room

With the increasing digitalization of the legal and deal-making sectors, you have just acquired a next-generation data room solution to manage ultra-confidential corporate documents as part of a due diligence process. Congratulations! 

These next-generation solutions, including Closd’s, are more affordable, simpler and have a more modern design than traditional market players. Their first differentiating factor is their user-friendliness. They are quick to set up and configure, allowing you to accelerate audits and save precious time.

In addition, unlike many software programs that require support during implementation, users can create their own data room in just a few clicks. These solutions combine the simplicity of traditional document sharing tools (such as Drives or file transfer solutions) with the essential features offered by traditional data room solutions. 

To help you get the most out of your new tool, we have prepared a list of 10 tips to help you configure your Closd data room easily and efficiently from scratch. Follow the guide!


10 tips for getting the most out of your data room

  • Mass import participants using an Excel File

Don’t waste any more time inviting the different participants one by one on your space! Avoid this manual and time-consuming task by opting for a mass import of the different parties. 

In the Participants menu of your data room, click on the Import / Export button, then on Mass import of participants. You can then download the Excel template to fill in. Once the file is filled in, you can upload your file to the platform. You can even add a personalized message to the invitation!

 mass import participants

  • Invite participants to join the data room later

When setting up your data room, you may first want to ensure that all documents have been imported and access rights have been configured before participants can enter. Thanks to delayed invitations, you can confidently proceed with the creation of your space, without having to pollute your contacts with notifications.

If you are adding participants individually, remember to uncheck the Send invitation email now box. It is also possible to set this information if you are mass inviting participants. In the Invite to the project now column (optional) of the file, remember to enter No if you do not want participants to receive a notification. This way, you will have plenty of time to modify your data room before inviting your participants to join it.

resend invite data room

Once your data room is ready, you can send an email invitation to accounts that have not yet been activated by clicking on See all participants in a group, then on Account not activated, which will offer you to Resend invitation

  • Organize participants into groups

The Closd data room allows its users to classify participants into groups, meaning to group together people who have to receive the same level of information, for example a potential buyer and his advisors. Participant groups can be managed in the Participants menu. Participants can be changed to another group by simple drag and drop. 

Groups allow you to share information with a group of users: a folder in the Documents area, a question in the Q&A module, or the prohibition to download documents in the Settings

group participants

  • Set up privacy between groups 

It is possible to manage confidentiality between participants, so that certain participants or groups of participants are not visible to others. This feature allows you, for example, to invite all potential buyers to the same data room, without them being able to see each other or to have access to the information shared by each of them, which represents a real gain in time and efficiency.

group participants

There are two levels of privacy:

  • Hide groups prevents participants from seeing other groups besides their own;
  • Hide group participants prevents participants from seeing members of their own group.


  • Create a folder tree from an Excel file

The Documents section of the Closd data room allows you to import a tree structure from an Excel template. This allows you to standardize your data rooms and to quickly create one or more reusable tree structure templates in a few clicks.

tree structure excel files

Importing a tree structure also allows you to customize the numbering of your files, especially if you want to adapt it to a nomenclature defined by your organization, different from the automatic numbering proposed by Closd. This import function also allows you to easily modify the tree structure of a large number of documents.

To do this, click on the Options button, then on Create a folder structure (Excel). You can then download the Excel template to fill in. Once the file is filled, you can proceed to upload your file on the platform. 

  • Automatically number your folders and files 

A very useful feature allows you to automatically number the folders and files in the data room, which is a very important time-saver during the audit. This numbering also allows you to easily refer to a folder or file in the Q&A questions.

To do this, simply activate the Numbering option. The numbering is updated when a file is moved to another folder. 

auto number files

  • Check out the “Recent files” folder

In the Documents section of your data room, you can find a permanent folder called Recent Files. With a search bar allowing you to quickly find your recently uploaded documents on the platform, this section is particularly useful if your notifications have been deactivated and you want to consult the latest additions, or if you missed a notification informing you that a document has been uploaded. 

recent files data room

  • Forbid download and force display of watermarks 

Watermarks are an essential feature of the data room, ensuring the confidentiality of documents and preventing data theft. 

This feature can be enabled when creating your data room, or in the Settings > Access rights section of your data room. Watermarking prevents unauthorized users from downloading files. This feature can be enabled for all data room participants, per group or per user.

watermark data room settings

  • Create a list of standard questions

The Closd data room also allows you to import and export lists of questions in the Q&A module, allowing you to standardize this process with sample questions.

To do this, click on the Excel Import button. You can then download the Excel template to fill in. Once the file is completed, you can proceed to upload your question file to the platform. 

import questions template

  • Set up your notifications

The audit process often means a lot of back and forth between the different parties, and therefore a lot of email notifications that can be intrusive. Closd allows its users to configure themselves the frequency of their email notifications, in the Profile section at the top right of the screen, then in the Settings and Notifications menu.

You can choose to be notified of each action, or to receive a summary every morning or evening, or even to deactivate notifications completely, and this for each module of the platform: documents, Q&A, etc. 

Notifications can be set up differently for each project, which is particularly convenient.

data room notifications

The Closd data room simplifies and accelerates audits, while offering an optimal level of security and a revolutionary user experience. A French solution that complies with the highest security standards, the Closd data room is inspired by the experience of dealmakers to transform your audit experience in M&A, private equity, venture, restructuring, real estate…

Directly integrated into a 360° legal project management solution, it offers all the features required for smooth and efficient completion of your legal audits: document management, Q&A module, fine-grained management of access rights and watermarks, activity logs, archives and digital certificates…

Contact us to learn more about our data room solution!

Blog articles

New: Closd launches its next gen data room

In order to complete its service offering for legal and deal-making professionals, Closd is launching its next generation data room solution. A data room is a software solution that allows to upload, share and remotely review a large number of highly confidential documents, particularly in the context of legal and financial due dilligence. 

The Closd data room offers a European alternative to traditional market players. The solution combines the simplicity of a document sharing solution with the features and security of the market’s leading data room solutions. 

The Closd data room simplifies, accelerates and transforms the due diligence experience in M&A, Private Equity, Venture, Restructuring, Real Estate, etc., while providing an optimal level of security and a revolutionary user experience. Find out more about this new interface.

data room projects

Already equipped with an ultra-secure document management feature, Closd now offers a complete data room solution, separate from the legal project management tool, to go even further in the digitalization and acceleration of your due diligence processes. 

The tools are complementary, and can be purchased together or independently. For more information, contact our sales team. 

Closd now offers a new type of data room projects, in addition to the existing collaborative projects in the platform. Our offer is flexible according to your needs: you can choose the duration and the volume of storage you want.

The Closd data room includes the following modules:

  • Documents (data room) 
  • Participants (user management)
  • Q&A (new
  • Activity logs (new)
  • Automated bible generation
  • Data room set up (new)


Features of Closd’s next generation data room

Document management and organization

The Documents tab of the data room allows you to add files and folders, create tree structures, automatically number your folders and files for auditing purposes, and also provides a time-stamped index of files and folders.

documents data room

The interface displays and allows you to customize a set of information, such as access rights for a folder or file, privacy and security settings, or a shortcut to the question associated with a file. 

Easily share your files and set precise access rights to simplify your due diligences and reduce the volume of emails exchanged.

The data room integrates directly with the electronic safe solution provided by our partner Arkhineo. The electronic safe option offers a long-term archiving solution with probative value for your data room documents. 

User management

participants data room

Add participants to your data room, manually or via an Excel import, and create groups to simplify access rights. A simple drag and drop allows you to easily change a participant from one group to another. 

It is also possible to hide groups from each other or to hide participants within the same group, which makes it possible, for example, to invite several potential buyers to the same data room without seeing each other. This avoids having to create as many data rooms as there are buyers.


q&a data room

The Q&A module provides access to a dashboard with all the questions related to the documents in the data room in the form of a list, organized into 4 categories: 

  • total number of questions
  • awaiting for a response
  • awaiting closure
  • questions closed 

It is possible to import a list of questions from an Excel template. You can also export your Q&A to attach it to the operation documentation.

To create a question, project managers must provide the following information: 

  • the content of the question 
  • the category of the document (for example: corporate, financial, commercial, etc.)
  • the document or file to which the question is attached (optional) 
  • the user to whom you wish to share this question (who will be able to see and answer it). 

Project Managers receive a notification when a question is asked, validated, etc. These notifications can be changed in the data room Settings and in each user’s profile. 

Activity logs

Activity logs correspond to a history of events and actions performed by users on the data room. 

Accessible to project managers, the logs include for instance the following events: 

  • uploading a file 
  • consultation of a file
  • renaming a file 
  • moving a file
  • etc.

The list of these events can be filtered by date and by user. It is also possible to export the results of the queries. This feature allows project managers to identify suspicious user behavior, for example, or to decide in case of a dispute regarding the sharing of a document. 

Bibles generation

The Bibles module allows you to save precious time by downloading all or part of the data room in a Zip folder (depending on your access rights). An index of the folders and files in the data room is automatically included in the bible.

Parameters and watermarking

data room settings

The data room settings tab allows you to perform several actions: 

  • First of all, it allows to determine precisely the access rights of the data room participants (possibility of loading or creating files for example);
  • It also allows you to prevent users from downloading files, and to activate the display of watermarks. The document available for viewing only will display an overlay of text including the file name, name, email address and IP address of the user, as well as the date and time of viewing. The purpose of this feature is to immediately identify the user in case of a leak.


This section also allows you to monitor usage statistics and to follow in real time the number of files added and the storage space used. 

Forget about heavy and complex data rooms: Closd allows you to simplify your due diligence processes and optimize collaboration with your stakeholders on all transactions in a simple and intuitive way. Contact us to learn more about Closd’s data Room.