client testimonial bruzzo dubucq
Testimonial: Closd at business law firm Bruzzo Dubucq

David Ybert de Fontenelle and Virginie Cadouin are partners in business law firm Bruzzo Dubucq. In this interview, they share their experience with Closd, its user-friendliness, its guarantees in terms of security and the direct benefits on their clients' experience.

user testimonial dsm luxembourg law firm
User testimonial: Closd at law firm DSM in Luxembourg

Héloïse Cuche is Senior Associate at DSM Avocats à la Cour. As a user of Closd since 2020, she agreed to share her experience with the platform and the benefits in terms of efficiency, organization, and internal and external collaboration.

Client testimonial Cerha Hempel
User testimonial: Closd at Austrian law firm Cerha Hempel

Mark Krenn and Hans Kristoferitsch, partners at Viennese law firm Cerha Hempel, agreed to share their experience with Closd, how it is helping them to improve customer experience and their vision on legaltech and digitization.

user testimonial acer finance
User testimonial: Closd at Acer Finance, asset management firm

After having used Closd for more than a year, Arnaud Monnet from Acer Finance tells us about his experience with the solution and the benefits he has witnessed in terms of project management and customer experience.


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