How are signatories authenticated?

“Advanced” level electronic signatures require strong authentication of signatories, providing a high level of security when signing more sensitive documents. This consists of a three-layer authentication process:

  1. Personal account protected by a secure password chosen after receiving an invitation to Closd;
  2. Automated ID verification: Before their first signature on Closd, signatories must upload a picture or scan of a valid ID document. Users are guided through this quick and easy process at their first login. This verification only has to be done only once, provided the given ID does not expire;
  3. One-time password sent by SMS.

“Simple” level electronic signatures require a basic level of authentication for signatories (a link sent by email) making them faster to perform, generally used to sign less important documents.

Handwritten signatures also require a basic level of authentication. Signatories are sent a link by email; they then print, sign and scan the signature pages and reupload them to Closd.


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