What type of electronic signature does Closd offer?

Three types of signature are available on Closd: Simple and Advanced electronic signatures, and Handwritten “wet-ink” signatures.

Simple and Advanced electronic signatures are equally valid under the eIDAS EU regulation. They vary in the level of authentication required for signatories, hence in the probative force, or body of proof of the signatory’s identity, of the signed document in time.

The high level of security for Advanced signatures is attained through the following steps:

• Integrating the technologies developed by DocuSign et Certeurope, providers certified by the European Commision. On each project, users can choose between the two technologies and keep the same interface and signature workflow.
• Combining these technologies with a strong three-layer authentication.

Handwritten scanned signatures are valid for signature in counterparts, for the most part used in common law countries. Closd automatically extracts signature pages and allows compliance with UK Mercury case law, which requires that the full document be sent along with signature pages.

You can use and combine different signature technologies and types in one signing session.


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