How does Closd process personal data and for what purpose?

Personal data of users are collected and processed by Closd for a single purpose: to provide total legal certainty for signed documents and contracts and, more broadly, for all legal transactions that are carried out.

Users’ personal data are not transferred to any third party, except to the following providers, for the sole purpose of providing total legal certainty for signed documents:

  • OVHcloud for data storage (fully encrypted);
  • Docusign France and Oodrive for electronic signatures;
  • Netheos for automated ID checks.

Are the personal data collected adequate and relevant for the purposes of the processing?

Relevance: Closd only collects data strictly necessary to carry out legal transactions in complete legal and technical security.

Minimization of collected data: no other personal data is collected by Closd, for any purpose whatsoever.

How long is the personal data stored by Closd?

Users’ personal data are deleted upon request or when the personal account is deleted.

Data allowing precise identification of signatories is stored by Closd over the entire period during which the validity and probative value of the documents can be questioned by a party or a third party. Closd permanently deletes all personal data collected at the end of this period.

How does Closd ensure the security and confidentiality of this data?

Privacy by design: Closd’s software infrastructure was built from the outset to protect user data.

Data encryption: the database and all the files uploaded and/or signed on Closd are encrypted. Data is secured by TLS protocol.

Data location: all collected data is stored on OVHCloud servers located in the EU.

Security audits: Closd has security audits regularly performed by State-certified providers.

Data access: only authorized employees within Closd can access users’ personal data in order to provide support.

Confidentiality undertaking: all of Closd’s employees have signed a very strict confidentiality undertaking.

What are the rights of users regarding their personal data?

Opt-in: when activating his/her account, each user must expressly accept Closd’s privacy policy, which is made available to them. Given the essential nature of this data for the purpose of using Closd, it is impossible to use the platform without accepting the collection and processing of data.

Rights to access, rectify and delete: these rights may be exercised at any moment and by any user by sending an email to the following address:

Transparency and accountability: Closd’s privacy policy is readily available to all users and Closd responds promptly to any questions.


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