archivage valeur probante coffre fort electronique
Storage vs. archiving with probative value: what are the differences? 

More than just a need, archiving sensitive documents in an electronic safe is a real legal obligation for law professionals. Their primary mission is to ensure the legal security of their clients. It is therefore the indispensable counterpart to any electronic signature technology.

Technical reliability and legal security of the electronic signature

When it comes to electronic signatures, technology and law are closely intertwined: the better the technology used, the greater its probative value and its legal security. Thanks to the recent considerable technological and regulatory evolutions, it is nowadays highly unlikely that a reliable electronic signature can be legally challenged.

How to switch from physical closing to e-closing

Anyone who works or has worked in a corporate law firm, an investment fund or an investment bank know what a "closing" involves: piles of documents to sign, carefully prepared by exhausted lawyers, large amount of money transferred from one bank account to another, and once it is all done, a glass of champagne to


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