Closd: our year 2022 in review

As a new year begins for Closd, placed under the sign of growth and various integrations, the time has come to review the year that has just ended! Improvements of the platform, growth of the company and the team, highlights of the year … Let’s look back at the events that marked 2022.


Updates and evolutions of the platform 

Our beginning of 2022 was marked by the announcement in January of the new version of the Closd platform.


closd plateforme FR


With a new design and new features, this V2 aimed to provide our users and their clients with an improved experience and a more fluid interface. New features have been added, such as the ability to add and prepare multiple documents for signature at once, and the addition of new roles and statuses on the Checklist (Validator and Responsible parties) to improve collaboration between Participants and simplify the follow-up of your tasks. We have also added filters on each module to facilitate viewing and searching for information.

During the year, we also made further improvements to the user experience, as well as new features to simplify your experience. For example, we added the ability to import a folder tree from an Excel file to create and number your folders and subfolders all at once, or to add custom instructions when launching your Signature session.

We have also developed many sharing features: you can share your checklist templates with your colleagues, or share information by email (archives from the vault, document indexes, checklists) much more easily to your colleagues or clients directly from the platform. 


Planifier une démo


Another important update is that the availability time of a bible has been doubled! Generated bibles are now available for download for 96 hours (4 days) on the platform, which now allows our users to download bibles on a Monday if they were generated on a Friday night. 

closd german

Already available in French and English, the Closd platform has been available in German since September. We are delighted to be able to support German-speaking legal professionals in the digitalization of their legal operations. 

Finally, at the request of our customers, it is now possible to add 2 new types of tags when preparing a document (ballot, form, etc.) in the signature space: mandatory, compulsory or not check boxes. These can be added to the document to be signed by a simple drag and drop. 


Our highlights of 2022

One year with LexisNexis 

After the acquisition of Closd by the LexisNexis group at the end of 2021, the LexisNexis group continues its global development strategy and is strengthening its range of solutions and tools to facilitate decision-making, optimize productivity and performance, as well as the legal security of documents and advice.

For its part, Closd continues to benefit from the LexisNexis network, in particular with the aim of accelerating its international expansion, and continues working on the integration with LexisNexis products, used by many of our clients. 


2022 in numbers

The platform’s figures have risen sharply this year: more than 100,000 documents have been signed, 13,000 new projects have been created and more than 35,000 new users have joined Closd.


Closd year 2022 in review


Less than 5 years after the launch of the platform, we are proud to be the leading legal transaction management solution in Europe. This dynamic demonstrates a growing need for digitalization and automation of this type of operation on the part of legal, accounting and deal-making professionals. 


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Legaltech Closd continues its expansion

To begin with, 14 people have joined our team this year. Sales, development, marketing, product, customer support, administrative …


closd team


Meanwhile, we have also confirmed our status as a major player in the legaltech sector in France by participating in many major events: Private Equity Meetings, Assas Legal Tech Night, Legal Tech Hub Europe’s Alumni Meet Up 2022, Ordre des Experts-Comptables Congress, ACE National Congress, RDV des transformations du droit, Campus AFJE, M&A Meetings… We also launched many communication actions, such as the release of our first whitepaper (only available in French), and organized several webinars. 


As this new year begins, we would like to thank our clients, partners and community, who support us and trust us throughout the year to meet the challenge of accompanying legal professionals in the transformation of their practices. 

In 2023, we are even more confident in the value of our services and aware of the importance of our mission, as evidenced by these recent client testimonials:

“Closd allows us to bring the firm into the present and simplify our lives considerably.” (David Ybert de Fontenelle, Partner at Bruzzo Dubucq


“We consider this solution to be indispensable in our business today to meet our clients’ needs.” (Héloïse Cuche, Senior Partner at DSM Avocats à la Cour)


“By automating manual tasks, the solution allows us to save time and energy, and above all, improve traceability..” (Arnaud Monnet, Director of Property Management at Acer Finance)


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