Recommend Closd

Help your contacts streamline their legal transactions by recommending Closd to them.​

What is the
Closd referral reward?

You and your referred contact can both benefit from one of the following rewards:

30 free
signature envelopes

1 complimentary month
on your next data room

How do I invite my contacts
to join Closd?


Fill out the form, indicating your contact information and the reward of your choice. You will then receive an e-mail to forward to your contact with information about this referral offer and the person to contact at Closd.


If your contact is interested in Closd, we will offer him/her the solution adapted to their needs, and will receive the referral bonus of their choice.


If your contact becomes a Closd customer, you will benefit from the referral bonus you have chosen!

Consult the general terms of use of the referral program.