Use cases



Open a secure and confidential workspace for your matter

Open a workspace in one click to manage your matter from end to end. Closd protects the confidentiality of your matters and simplifies their management.

Centralize all your matters and transactions on Closd and collborate smoothly with you clients and colleagues, for accounting or legal matters.

Customize the interface with your branding for an even better experience.


Create your digital working group by sending email invitations to all stakeholders. There is no limit to the number of participants.

If your matter requires confidentiality, hide participants to make them invisible to each other.

Invite your clients, colleagues and partners to your project


Exchange documents securely

Throughout the matter, during a due diligence, a negotiation or the drafting phase, Closd allows you to share documents easily with your clients or colleagues.

Create version histories of the documents you create to keep track of changes.

Stop wasting time searching for information in emails: centralize everything on Closd!


Create your checklist or step plan with a few clicks and share it with your guests.

Save your checklists to use them again on future projects. Especially useful for repetitive matters such as account approvals.

Collect financial, accounting and legal documents from your guests by notifying them, with a deadline and automatic reminders.

Follow your matter’s progress in real time and never miss a deadline again


Get your contracts signed quicker than ever

Closd’s electronic signature interface is perfectly calibrated for accounting and legal professionals.

Quickly set up your documents and the order in which they will be signed, designate validators (another counsel for example) or an escrow, start your signing and let it unfold automatically.

Whether you are in a physical meeting with tablets and smartphones or working remotely, you have never had a deal closed so easily.


Barely finished your signing? Generate your bible in seconds. Choose what you want to include and share it with your clients with one click. Closd creates a customized index for you.

Generate and share bibles in a flash


Archive your clients' original documents for optimal long-term preservation

As a partner of Arkhineo, leader in secure archiving with probative value, Closd allows you to archive your documents as soon as your file is finished, directly from our interface.

Your electronic safe allows you to preserve your digital original copies perfectly.

You can retrieve them at any time. No more lost, damaged or destroyed originals.

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