Lawyers: Improve your clients’ signing experience using envelopes

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way legal professionals conduct their operations and interact with their clients. In this context, electronic signature has rapidly established itself as an indispensable solution for digitizing and optimizing the efficiency of legal operations. This new standard has enabled many lawyers and legal professionals to be more flexible. However, there is also a growing need to secure and organize exchanges, to compensate in many cases for the absence of a physical meeting between the parties during the signing. 

Signing a large number of documents in a single session can be very time-consuming for the parties involved. That’s where the bundling feature, or signing envelopes, comes into play, becoming indispensable for simplifying and speeding up this process considerably.  

This feature available on Closd saves you time when setting up your signing session, and also saves your clients time when signing a large amount of documents. 

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What is an electronic signature envelope? 

An electronic signature envelope brings together the various documents to be signed in a single, logical bundle, facilitating the signing process for all the parties involved. 

Documents are grouped according to the signatories with the most documents to sign (even potentially without joint signatories), according to various criteria, for example : 

As a reminder: there is no legal difference in the validity of Simple, Advanced and Qualified signatures according to the European eIDAS regulation. The difference lies in the degree of authentication of the signatories. A simple signature only requires authentication through a link sent by e-mail, while an advanced signature requires triple authentication of the signatory: link received by e-mail, verification of the identity document and validation of the signature by a validation code received by SMS. 

This feature enables the signatory(ies) to sign several documents at once, and to complete the authentication process only one time. In the case of an advanced signature envelope, the SMS confirmation code will only be sent once per envelope. Without this feature, signatories must enter as many codes as there are documents. 

Envelopes save valuable time not only for the signatory, but also for the project manager responsible for setting up the parameters. This powerful feature can be activated with a single click, and automatically creates document envelopes according to the criteria defined above. So there’s no need to manually place documents in envelopes. 

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In what situations can the signature envelope feature be used? 

This feature saves your signatories a great deal of time, whatever your legal practice is, as long as they have to sign several documents. Envelope grouping can be used, for example, for the following applications: 

  • Equity closings and financial transactions  
  • Commercial contracts and leases  
  • Human resources: employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, company policies, etc. 
  • Loan and insurance contracts, etc.  
  •  And much more.

Are electronic signature envelopes secure? 

By grouping the documents in a signing session, each signatory will only see the documents he or she is required to sign. 

This feature preserves your privacy settings. 

How does Closd’s document bundling feature work? 

In Closd, this feature is available to Project Managers in the Signing checklist menu, and allows up to 15 documents to be grouped together for signing.   

Documents are grouped by signature type. Simple signature documents cannot be in the same signing envelope as advanced signature documents, and vice versa. 

To activate bundling, simply click on the “Bundle documents” button before starting the signing session, or schedule it for later.   

Once the signatures have been finalized, each document will have its own authentication certificate, which can be downloaded individually from the Signed documents page. 

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