New on Closd: document bulk sending

We’re delighted to share this month’s latest updates and improvements now available on the Closd platform.

Project managers are now able to bulk send documents to be signed, which means that single documents will be sent to different signatories.

What is bulk sending? 

With bulk sending, you can send an individualized copy of the same document to several different recipients/signatories in a single click. Each one of them will receive a unique copy. 

This feature facilitates multiple signatures on identical documents, and saves precious time in setting up your signature sessions. The Project Manager no longer has to add and set up each individual copy of a document to be signed.  

This feature is particularly useful, for example, when raising capital or selling a company. In this case, all investors are asked to sign a copy of the same subscription form or confidentiality agreement. Thanks to bulk sending, all documents can be sent out in a single mailing. 

This feature is also useful for legal department, particularly for sending HR documents involving a large number of employees (contracts, company policies, regulations, etc.).

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How to bulk send documents in Closd

Bulk sending is available on the project’s Signing Checklist page. Select the documents to be signed in the usual way, then in step 2 – Settings, choose the type of signature (“simple” or “advanced”)*, then the type of delivery by selecting “bulk send“. 

You then need to choose the roles of the participants. For bulk sending, there are two types of signatory to be defined: the shared signatory, and the individual signatory.

  • The shared signatory will have to sign every copy of the document.
  • The individual signatory only signs his/her own copy of the document.

Next, you can set the signature tags. 

Each shared signatory will have its own signature tag, while individual signatories will be grouped together under a generic “individual signer“.

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Once the documents have been sent for signature, the initial bulk sent document will be duplicated in as many copies as there are individual signatories. A “Bulk send” tag helps you easily identify them.

Track signatories individually, and follow-up if necessary.

bulk sent documents

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