Testimony : How Adaltys optimized its collaboration through Closd’s data room.

Denis Santy, partner, and Guillaume Maublanc, associate, are part of ADALTYS, a multi-service firm with expertise in both private and public law. Denis handles a variety of mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring cases, often in an international context. His role as head of the China desk for Adaltys gives him unique experience in structuring and executing cross-border investments and merger operations between French and Chinese entities.

Guillaume assists companies and their executives in all corporate law-related operations. He has developed expertise in corporate restructuring cases and is capable of operating on an international level.

Closd users for over a year, Mr. Santy and Mr. Maublanc have agreed to share their experience, specifically focusing on the benefits of their daily use of the data room and the time saved in project management.

“We used various solutions for our operations, without real unity and uniformity. And with Closd, we have acquired the entire range, and that’s what’s interesting.”

Denis Santy

Closd: Could you please introduce yourselves and your firm?

Denis Santy: Adaltys Avocats was created in 1969. We are a team of 80 individuals, including partners, associates, and support staff. In addition to our offices in Lyon, Paris, and Marseille, Adaltys is among the first French law firms to establish a presence in China, with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. We are fortunate to work in both public and private law.

We have partners and associates who specialize in food processing and agriculture law in China, advising various stakeholders on entering this promising market and achieving success in their projects. Others work in telecommunications, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, as well as monitoring regulatory developments and raising awareness of new European legal issues. We also have colleagues who focus on real estate and assist both private and public entities in successfully completing large-scale urban or regional projects. In short, a diverse range of subjects.

With Guillaume, we work in the private law branch, business law, and everything related to corporate law, mergers and acquisitions. It’s also a firm with a strong international focus, thanks to our offices in China and our work with foreign companies in France.

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Closd: Why did you choose our data room solution?

Denis Santy: We had been using data room providers for some time without necessarily knowing that a solution like Closd existed. Then came the pandemic period, and with it, the need for our firm to digitize. After various developments such as the widespread adoption of remote work, frequent video calls, and electronic signatures, we quickly needed to digitize our general meetings. This required finding a suitable solution that would provide us with a simple and global view of the data room.

“I’ve experienced the era of hand-signing documents exceeding 500 pages, taking entire days to complete.”

Denis Santy

After using several data room solutions and DocuSign in parallel, we realized it was time to switch to a more comprehensive solution that would allow us to seamlessly navigate between previously disparate solutions.

Closd: Can you tell us about your use of the platform?

Denis Santy: We have extensively used Closd’s Data Rooms. It’s great to work with something that easily connects while being secure. We can share documents very easily, knowing exactly where we stand. We have very detailed traceability of the various actions of our partners.

“Today, we’re fortunate to work with a highly intuitive and user-friendly solution. It’s an incredible time saver.”

Denis Santy

Guillaume Maublanc: I would go even further by highlighting the idea of instant collaboration. We can track the activity of stakeholders involved in the project. It’s really important for us to be able to respond almost instantly to any questions a party may have. Or even to know if clients are responsive or if the opposing party has viewed a document. And I find it well-executed because there are solutions; we don’t have to rack our brains to figure out who’s doing what in the file. That’s what we like the most, both for us and for the client.

“What I liked about Closd is that we can truly collaborate instantaneously with the client.”

Guillaume Maublanc

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Closd: Can you tell us about your use of the platform?

Denis Santy: We need to delve deeper in its usage. Currently, we still sometimes perform actions without necessarily going through Closd, whereas we could save time by completing all our signings directly on the platform. So we are determined to improve our use of Closd and its data Room to their full potential.

“We knew that some of our colleagues were using it, so it was a market reference in our sector.”

Denis Santy

Guillaume Maublanc: We’re also delighted to work with a solution offering such advanced customer service, which is always attentive and very responsive. It’s a real plus for us not to stress during meetings when something isn’t working, because we know it will be resolved very quickly.”

Thanks to Mr Santy and Mr Maublanc for their valuable testimony.

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