White paper: Which solution to easily improve your legal transaction management?

In the context of widespread digital transformation, all professionals, regardless of their sector of activity or level of technological expertise, are being forced to adapt their ways of working and collaborating.

Internal communication problems (who does what and when), communication with clients (what is the status of the project?) or between parties (who must validate the documents before signing), slow operations, difficulties in organizing closings in person, due to the generalization of remote work, etc. are all challenges faced by lawyers on a daily basis, which can be quickly overcome with the adoption of an effective legal tech solution.

To successfully carry out this transformation, many solutions have emerged in the legal tech market, including legal transaction management solutions. These solutions allow you to consolidate all the information and documents related to a transaction, and streamline the process of signing, sending, and updating documents. More than a simple project management tool, it is a powerful customer retention and loyalty tool, the proper use of which will increase the commercial value and business volume of your company or firm.

In this white paper, find out what features are essential for an effective legal transaction management solution, what ROI to expect, and most importantly, which one to choose?


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Content of the guide

The criteria for evaluating a legal transaction management solution should include a purely functional part, which is relatively easy to evaluate through a simple business presentation or online search. However, it should also include criteria based on the services provided by the editor, which will help you decide which solution to choose. Discover our tips in detail!

In addition, it is essential for legal professionals and project managers in charge of change management to put in place a set of indicators to calculate the return on investment of such solutions – and if necessary, to readjust their implementation. To guide you in setting up your various performance indicators, we have compiled various sources of return on investment (ROI) that you can expect following the implementation of a legal operations management solution.

Finally, to help you make the right choice, find a comparison table of the leading legal transaction management solutions on the market, and 10 good reasons to choose a solution adapted to your practice and your needs.


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