Testimonial: Closd and electronic signature at Foucault law firm

Founded in 1977 in Paris, FOUCAULT law firm specializes in business law: commercial, tax, property, labor, and corporate law. The firm assists individuals and companies, mainly French and foreign SMEs, in both advisory and litigation matters. FOUCAULT law firm also advises individuals (both resident and non-resident) on tax matters, as well as on the reorganization and transfer of their assets.

Arnaud Bouderdara is one of the firm’s 6 lawyers. As one of the driving forces behind the adoption of the solution, and as a user of the Closd legal project management solution for the past 2 years, he agreed to tell us more about the benefits of using electronic signatures and the evolution of the user experience within the firm.

“We use Closd for all types of files […] the platform has become a standard in our firm”

Arnaud Bouderdara

Closd: Could you please introduce yourself and your firm?

Arnaud BOUDERDARA: My name is Arnaud Bouderdara, and I’ve been working for 23 years at FOUCAULT law firm, specializing in corporate and tax law. Before that, I was a paralegal, and I became a lawyer a year ago.

In terms of our day-to-day operations, we mainly file French tax declarations for non-residents (athletes in particular).

In corporate law, we mainly assist business owners of SMEs, as well as a few publicly traded companies. We assist them in their day-to-day restructuring operations, capital increases, mergers, etc. Some of my colleagues also handle leases, and we do a fair amount of company transfers, which include due diligence processes.

We’ve been using Closd for 2 years, since 2021.

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What were the main issues before adopting Closd?

At the time, I wanted to implement an electronic signature solution. During a capital increase operation that took place back in 2021, I was told by a fellow lawyer about the Closd solution for electronic signatures, and in particular about the possibility of choosing between DocuSign and CertEurope technologies within the platform.

We attended a demonstration of the platform, and have since adopted it for all our corporate signatures. We use Closd for all types of files: from general meetings, to normal meetings, business transfers or share transfers with guarantee protocols, etc.

With the pandemic and the generalization of remote working, it became too complicated to manage large documents and continue to use traditional binding systems… that’s really what led me to opt for the electronic signature. Since then, Closd has become a standard in our firm, at least in corporate law. In tax law, our practice remains hybrid.

Are your clients and contacts satisfied with the platform? Has it changed your practice?

Absolutely! Closd has enabled us to digitize our practice. To tell you the truth, I recently had to organize a signing session last week with clients who were rather reluctant, and of course, it worked very well and convinced everyone, I was very pleased.

Everyone has taken the plunge now, especially when it comes to general meetings and company transfers, and no one ever questions whether or not to use electronic signatures.

All I have to do is inform my clients that the signing will take place on the Closd platform, and everything goes very smoothly.

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What is your assessment?

I’m really happy with it, and use it very frequently, several times a month. I also use the automatically generated Closing binder at the end of the deal, which is very practical.

💡 Automatically generate your closing bibles in just a few clicks. Enhance the experience of your customers and contacts by sharing with them directly after the deal has been signed.

I also really enjoy the new feature released last summer, which allows you to merge documents signed via DocuSign with their signing certificate. This allows you to keep the certificate and the document together.

The platform suits my needs perfectly.

Thanks to Mr Bouderdara for his valuable testimonial.

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