User testimonial: Eric Kopelman from Ambre Associés

Eric Kopelman is a partner at the law firm Ambre Associés, and specializes in private equity and M&A. He also worked at the firm Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.

The creation of Ambre Associés was the result of a 2011 meeting between lawyers who had practiced in leading Anglo-Saxon firms and wished to combine their skills and deploy their expertise within a structure that allowed them to give their clients more flexibility and responsiveness.

The firm entered into a partnership with Closd in January 2019 in order to accelerate its digital transformation. Me Kopelman agreed to answer our questions.


Closd: Hello Mr. Kopelman. Could you tell us in a little more detail about Ambre Associés and the kinds of matters and clients you take on?

Eric Kopelman: Ambre Associés is a business law firm that has particular expertise in corporate finance transactions. Our clients are mainly SMEs, managers and investors. We are committed to regularly providing them with solutions that are adapted to the field while exercising our profession in total transparency.


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You have been using Closd for several months to manage your operations. Why did you choose this solution and what need (s) did it meet?

We wanted to be among the first players in the transformation of our profession. As such, we are particularly vigilant of technological developments that allow us to improve the quality of our services.

We were looking for a solution that would facilitate collaboration during our transactional matters. In addition, we had already largely integrated electronic signature procedures, so this solution should allowed us to use that as much as possible.

The Closd platform seemed to meet these needs, and because it was set up by lawyers who were very familiar with our day-to-day issues, we didn’t hesitate to adopt it.


Could you describe to us the type of transactions you carry out on the platform?

At this stage, we use the platform for transactional operations like fundraising or M&A transactions that require a great deal of coordination between stakeholders. We are gradually expanding our use of the solution to other types of legal work, especially those that involve collective decisions by partners.


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What is your assessment of Closd? What benefits do you derive from the dematerialization and centralization of your projects on Closd?

We are very satisfied because this solution allows us to focus on doing work with high added-value. Closd also allows us to streamline the procedures for exchanging draft acts or proposals.


What were your clients’ reactions regarding using electronic signatures for your closings, and generally to your collaboration on Closd?

Our clients and their partners really appreciate the use of this platform, and believe that it facilitates collaborative work and provides them with a better understanding of the progress of their matters. Generally, their opinion is also that the solution is easy to use.


Can you explain the firm’s vision regarding digital transformation and give us your perspective on the ongoing upheaval in practices in the legal industry?

We believe that this digital transformation, provided it is initiated with tools with a guarantee of confidentiality and data security, will allow lawyers to focus on their advisory roles. In addition, we believe the development of artificial intelligence and blockchain tools will enrich the practice of our firms.

Finally, the needs of our clients have evolved in recent years: They want to understand and participate in these kinds of solutions. Lawyers will need to organize themselves rapidly to meet this demand.


Thanks to Mr Kopelman for his testimony. If you want to learn more about Closd, schedule a demo now!


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